The Importance and Impact of Portable Gaming

In a highly mobile society, great portable gaming is essential, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Honoring 15 Years of Banjo Kazooie

Celebrating 15 years of Rare’s legendary game Banjo Kazooie using simple poetry.

Won’t You Take Me to….Ninjatown?!

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness; Ninjatown is a solid strategy game that is addictive and fun.

Prepare Yourself for Construction Combat

Lock’s Quest is an interesting blending of genres, borrowing great elements from tower defense and RTS games of old.

Mega Man X8: Well Worth the Wait

Mega Man X8 redeems the series, improving in nearly every area and ending the X series with an incredible experience that should not be missed.

The X Series Hits Rock Bottom

Capcom turns a great 2D series into a clunky 3D entry… uh oh. Give it a chance, however, and you might just find something enjoyable about it.

Don’t Be So Quick..to Play Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6 is mostly difficult and unbalanced for the wrong reasons, yet still has a certain charm to it.

X5 Takes a Dive

Mega Man X5 shows much promise, but falls short in a few areas.

Sega CD Memories

Celebrating 20 years of Sega’s CD add-on.

Mega Man X4

X successfully makes the jump to the next generation.

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