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Zero Gives His All

In the last installment of the Zero series, neither side gives way in the final confrontation.

Zero Goes Back to His Roots

Mega Man Zero 3 breathes new life into the series.

Mega Man Zero 2 Heads in The Right Direction

After wandering in the desert, Zero helps out Ciel and the Resistance once again in this second entry of the Zero series.

Zero Returns for His Own Series

Everyone’s favorite red Maverick Hunter is back to fight for peace once again.

An Xcellent Remake

Maverick Hunter X does justice to the first Mega Man X game.

What the Next Superman Game Should Be Like

Superman has never had an outstanding game, and he desperately needs one. The Man of Steel deserves a game that ranks up there among other gaming legends.

With Ryu on the Job, This Ancient Ship is Doomed

Ryu’s third adventure on the NES isn’t the best one, but it’s still a great game.

Ryu Hayabusa Returns for More Awesomeness

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos is a sequel that does justice to the franchise and keeps the intense difficulty.

Ninja Gaiden Still Punishes Gamers to This Day, and They Love It

The original Ninja Gaiden for NES is difficult and frustrating, yet stands the test of time as a truly legendary game and is so satisfying to beat.

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