Breakdown – Finding the Mythology and Legend in Final Fantasy Pt 2

Final Fantasy has long been a series steeped in lore […]

Breakdown – Finding Mythology and Legend in Final Fantasy – Part 1

The first Final Fantasy, as most of us know, was […]

Breakdown – The 16-Bit RPG Revolution

The NES was a great system, dominated by platformers, sidescrollers, […]

Breakdown – The Hyrule of my Youth

Breakdown is a series where I look at story elements in video […]

Breakdown – Antagonists Aren’t Always Evil

Like most of my articles, this one contains spoilers. Read […]

Breakdown – Variations on a Theme: Environmental Exploitation

Video games, especially those of the retro variety, have very […]

Breakdown – Stock Characters in Video Games

While the study of dramatic characters is something normally reserved […]

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