The Video Game Years needs you! (If you are an editor that is.)

Since passing our fundraising goal, The Video Game Years has improved in terms of quality, thanks to our team of editors and producers, but it still needs to be released more regularly.  That means we could use a few new editors to help us out.  We need both “assembly editors” who can help make the first pass assembly cuts of the segment as well as “final cut” editors who can do the green screen keying, effects, b-roll addition, etc.  Watch a recent episode of the show and you will see the kind of skill and talent that we need.  We are still on a shoestring budget so for your efforts, we can provide a reasonable stipend for your work as well as on-screen credit from this point forward.

As you know, this production is already made up of a team of great editors that are all staying on board, but we need even more editors to help get this going at a steady clip. If you are interested in possibly editing on The Video Game Years, please send examples of your work (or a demo reel if you have it) to In the subject heading, put “The Video Game Years Editing Opportunity.”

Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Producers (not the musical, the dudes who produce The Video Game Years)