So who likes to consume media? You do! And I’ve got some show that you’re going to want to subscribe to on the ol’ YouTube.

The first is the Frogpants channel. Frogpants is the channel where Scott Johnson puts all his shows on, which he calls the Frogpants network. The flagship show is The Morning Stream that he does with co-host Brian Ibbott. These guys are masters about telling masterful stories about their everyday lives in Utah and Colorado, littered with geek culture references. They’re incredibly likeable and their show is kind of the anti morning radio show. That’s because it’s less like a show, and more like two good friends hanging out talking. The show started as a podcast back in 2011.

I also watch a couple of other Scott Johnson show. Current Geek focuses on current events for geeks, with co-host, and trusted tech anchor Tom Merritt. And Call in Live, where listeners can use their smartphones for something they never use them for, phone calls, and calling into the program and talk to Scott or his co-host, the brilliant Justin Robert Young.

A lot of the fun of these Frogpants shows is watching them live and joining in, in their chatroom called the Tadpool.

Lord Karnage is the YouTube channel name for Mark Bussler’s Classic Game Room Show. Mark has probably been doing video game reviews on the Internet longer than anyone, starting back in 1999. His personal, snarky style and affection for woodgrain on gaming devices are just a few of the reasons to watch. Watching the show has a homey feeling. And Marks love for his fans really shows.

Metal Jesus is probably one of the nicest, most personable YouTubers out there. He worked at video game publisher Sierra On-Line back in the 90s. He brings his friends in to help with the video game reviews. Some of the videos I like most are the ones where he tours his game room and talks about how he produces his videos.

You have to respect anyone who can produce a full-length motion picture based on the popularity of one of his YouTube channel’s characters. You also have to respect someone who builds an entire video store in their basement. James Rolfe may be one of the hardest working men in the business. James does a variety of things, from live playthroughs, to B-movie reviews, to video game reviews. He is one of the biggest heavyweights in this niche.
Well that about all the time we have. I’ve got to get back to practing my middle-age guy sayings, like, “The kids are growing up so quick.” And, “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time.” “I can’t believe winter is hear all ready.” “Wow, spring is just around the corner.” How am I getting caught off guard by the seasons?! I mean, they go in the same order every year!