Retroware TV is growing and since we’re so freakin’ busy, we’re looking for some help.  So if the idea of spending Summer 2012 doing our bidding for no pay, then you’re in luck!   While there’s no dough, we can offer you some recommendations from a few experienced folks here at RWTV and you get some new fodder to help build out your resume.  If your school offers credit or compensation for Summer internships, we can review and fill out all paperwork to help meet the requirement.

We are looking for dedicated, self-motivated, and responsible individuals with a working knowledge of website operations (specifically WordPress) as well as post-production/editing skills (Premiere, FinalCut, Photoshop, etc).  Having a love of retro gaming definitely helps!  In the interest of full disclosure, this is not an opportunity to create a brand new show for Retroware TV but you may have the chance to work on some new content we’re developing or with some established shows.

To be considered, please send an email cover letter and resume to

Because of the numbers of submissions, we will only consider applicants with attached resumes (sorry, them’s the ropes).

Thanks gang – to the future!  Now where’s my coffee?