Grab a Battlezone 98 Redux Steam Key on G2A for much less than Steam… – Join me for some Battlezone 98 Redux Gameplay, Steam Multiplayer style…. Not to be confused with the original 1980 Battlezone by Atari, Battlezone is a classic re-imagining of the ’80s original, released in 1998 as an FPS RTS game by Activision. It’s an absolutely amazing multiplayer game which has just been remastered and relaunched as Battlezone 98 Redux. Including all new textures and high resolution modes, this is a must have for anyone who remembers, or even doesn’t remember, this brilliant game.

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The premise in this alternative history is that the Space Race was a cover up for the Russians (Soviets) and Americans to create military bases and units on the moon (and in Space in general). In the single player campaign you find artefacts on each planet which leads you to the next, and the battle continues.