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I’ve been working on this one for a while to celebrate 100 covers done on this channel . And what better time than the end of this year for it: Banjovania , my complete tribute to Castlevania
Thanks to Mechanical Koopa for his casual speedrun footage especially recorded for this video. In addition to my original covers I also recorded the following themes :

The intro tune (Prologue )
The general boss fight theme ( Poison Mind)
The victory theme (Stage Clear)
Both Dracula fight themes (Nothing to loose , Black Knight)
The end victory theme (All Clear)
The death theme (Game Over ) – i play this right at the end of the video
The end theme, called Voyager which I decided to do in a completely different way than my usual acoustic instruments.

So that’s essentially 6 new covers in one video .

Additionally I’ve re-synced all the sounds by hand for this , frame by frame. This took a while. I’ve toyed (and tried) with the concept of re-doing the sound effects too myself with instruments and objects but I was never happy with the result. Nothing felt satisfying and like they fit properly so I decided to leave the original sound effects.