So I am revisiting the Ys – The Vanished Omens soundtrack with this cover of the First Step Towards War theme.

Back then, Ys was my first ever jrpg type game and this theme epitomised the sense of scale and epicness (that’s not a real word!) these types of games had. I had never played a jrpg before so stepping out of that first town for the first time game me such a feeling of adventure and freedom and I always felt the theme music was right on point.

This one took longer than expected because halfway through I found an accordion at a flea market, that was surprisingly both quite cheap and in tune, and I decided it would fit perfectly to the tune. Only problem was, I’d never played the accordion. So I had to spend some time last week learning a bit so I could at least get the melody and some chords going. So essentially the video is a week late, but I feel it was worth it 🙂

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