Video Game Book Club – Episode #7: Super Star Wars (SNES)

Our Episode 7 is celebrating the release of Star Wars […]

Majora's Mask end

Goodbye, Video Games, You Will Be Missed

I am in my twilight years, specifically when it comes […]

Madden 2000 Cover

Let’s All Give Thanks to the Maddens and Call of Duties

Seeing as how yesterday was Thanksgiving and all, it only […]

Super Mario 64 Bowser Battle

Console Launches and That One Magical Game

Here we are at the proper beginning of yet another […]

Earthbound Lumine Hall Header

My Thoughts on Cart Reproductions and Some Clarity on Emulation

In breaking with tradition, I’m posting an article a week […]

Guybrush Dairy Farmer

Supporting Piracy and Emulation is Treading Murky Waters at Best

It’s time I stopped lazing about and wrote a legitimate […]

PC Master Race Header

Time to Stop Pretending Console Games Ever Stood a Chance Against PC Games

Last time we all spoke, I apparently said some things […]

Heavy Rain Logo Header

HD and the Ruination of Video Games

If there’s one thing I haven’t expressed enough recently, it’s […]

Wonderful 101 Header

Ignoring Quirky Games Doesn’t Make You a Bad Gamer

As an admitted Nintendo fan, I’m squirming in my seat […]

Mighty No. 9 Header

Why Mighty No. 9 Has Surprisingly Upset Me

Initially, I was planning on skipping my article this week […]

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