How video games were made – part 3: Marketing and Business

In this final chapter we cover the business side and […]

How video games were made – part 2: Workflow

In this episode we focus on the production process and […]

How video games were made – graphics

You’ve probably spent countless hours playing games from the 8 […]

Ecco the Dolphin retrospective

In this retrospective our favorite Sega dolphin: Ecco An unique […]

Splash Wave: CapCom gems

With the current state of the Japanese video game industry […]

Thunder Force Retrospective

Thunder Force, the shoot-em-up series by TechnoSoft that made every […]

Sega Mega-Drive / Genesis action games

In this episode 3 action games for the Sega Mega-Drive […]

Castlevania Retrospective part 3: Symphony of the Night

This final chapter of the Classic Castlevania Retrospective is devoted […]

Aladdin Mega-Drive / Genesis and Disney movie tie-ins

The Mega-Drive / Genesis and Disney turned out to be […]

The road to Metal Gear Solid | the MSX titles

Metal Gear Solid the block buster hit for the original […]

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