Pat at PAX 2011

Here’s some of Pat’s adventures from this year’s PAX!

Angry Video Game Nerd & Pat – Nintendo World Championships

Pat the NES Punk & AVGN – Nintendo World Championships

Pat the NES Punk – Nintendo Power Tips Tape

Pat finally gets a new version of a rare Nintendo […]

Pat Returns to the Jersey Shore

Plush Toys! Street Fighter! Pinball! Pat returns to the Jersey […]

Pat the NES Punk – Family Game Funness

Pat plays four NES family games with Cinemassacre.com’s James Rolfe.

Pat at Comic Con 2011

Pat is your guide at Comic Con 2011! See Pat’s […]

E3 2011 – Briana Baker Interview

In Pat’s last E3 interview  he catches up with someone […]

Pat’s Random E3 Recap

Dancing Cartoons! Dancing Reviewers! Hulk Hogan! Here are some random […]

Pat the NES Punk – Jersey Shore

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