Pat the NES Punk – Famicom Multicarts

My time attending Retroware High is coming to a close. […]

Pat the NES Punk – Random Famicom Fun

Pat goes through his Famicom games to see if he […]

Pat the NES Punk – Turbografx Review Roundup (Christmas Special)

Pat reviews Turbografx 16 games while dealing with a blast […]

Flea Market Madness Vol. 16

The Madness continues!

Pat the NES Punk Vol. 3 DVD Available for Pre-Order Now!

Nearly 8 Hours of Content on 2 DVDs!

4th Annual NES Charity Marathon Announcement

This year, Pat & Ian raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network!

Pat the NES Punk – Reckoning (Cliffhanger Part 2)

Pat heads out to rescue Frank and discovers a shocking […]

Flea Market Madness 15

This time out, Pat struggles to find anything. Will Frank […]

Pat the NES Punk 5th Anniversary – Cliffhanger

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