BBC Micro Computer Inspection

The BBC Micro, emerged in December 1981 as a collaboration […]

Acorn Archimedes A3010 System Review

From the BBC Micro to the Acorn Archimedes. This is […]

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis vs. Master System


Oric 1 System Review

Oric 1 System Review

The Oric 1 was an 8 bit micro from 1983 […]

The Softaid Story

Do They Know it’s Christmas? Do they Frickin’ know it’s […]

GamesMaster & Bad Influence Christmas Specials

Christmas wouldn’t have been the same without the Bad Influence […]

Retro Console Collection

Retro System Collection

If there’s one thing that’s warming, especially on a cold […]

GBR Thrifts Episode #1

Welcome to a new series I’m calling GBR Thrifts (not […]

MSX Computers

MSX Computers & Platform Review

The MSX Computer platform was established in 1983 in an […]

Amstrad GX4000

Amstrad GX4000 Review

The Amstrad GX-4000 was Alan Sugar’s attempt to enter the […]

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