The Grandaddy of Home Computing – Sinclair ZX81/Timex 1000

The Sinclair ZX81 (or the Timex 1000 as it was […]

Why Pentium Kicks 486 Ass!

Think of this video as almost a Pentium vs. 486 […]

GBR Thrifts #3 [Charity Shopping]

Welcome to GBR Thrifts, episode 3. In this episode, I […]

Flight Path Edutainment Game [Inspection]

Flight Path by Storm Software is an Acorn Archimedes education, […]

Rollercoaster Tycoon World [Quick Play]

Grab Roller Coaster Tycoon World DELUXE much cheaper than on […]

Why the Mega CD / Sega CD Failed

The Sega Mega CD, or Sega CD as it’s known […]

What are SX & DX Processors?

You might think that all the strange i5xxx and i7xxx […]

Battlezone 98 Redux [Quick Play]

Grab a Battlezone 98 Redux Steam Key on G2A for […]

SkidMarks *Snigger* Amiga Review

Skidmarks for the Amiga was a revolutionary game, both in […]

Early 8086 and 8088 CPUs

The 8088 was an early micro processor by Intel with […]

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