Was the Gameboy Advance just a Super Nintendo?

Gameboy Advance vs. Super Nintendo… is the GBA just a […]

What is MMX Technology?

MMX Processors. Pentium MMX, Pentium II MMX. In 1997, MMX […]

Tomy Tutor Computer Tear Down

Although not strictly digital entertainment, the Tomy Tutor Play Computer […]

Make a C64 Game in BASIC

In this series, I’m aiming to bring a little bit […]

Why Loading Bands on ’80s Home Micros?

It’s a question which plagued my mind for many years. […]

Id Software – The Hellish Story

Straight from the Book of Id I present a multi […]

Doom Unreleased Alpha & Beta

This isn’t Doom 4… oh no, This is the Original […]

Why is there a 60 & 66Mhz Pentium?

The first Pentium processors released by Intel way back in […]

GBR Thrifts #4 DOUBLE Car Booty

Rather than the usual Charity shopping, today’s GBR Thrifts is […]

Why Were Pentium IIs on Cards?

With the Pentium II, Intel designed a CPU and cache […]

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