RGB209 :: Getting the Best Picture from your Sega Saturn – MY LIFE IN GAMING

The Sega Saturn presents one of the most interesting game […]

Sequels You Didn’t Know Were Good – Hidden Gems #3 :: Game Showcase – MY LIFE IN GAMING

Sometimes sequels aren’t what people wanted, or they just fell […]

RGB307 :: Analogue Nt mini: RGB, HDMI, and Jailbroken Firmware – MY LIFE IN GAMING

Coury and Try go in-depth on the Nt mini’s HDMI […]

Visteon Dockable Entertainment Featuring Game Boy Advance :: Hardware Showcase – MY LIFE IN GAMING

In 2006, automobile entertainment company Visteon partnered with Nintendo to […]

EverDrives & SD2SNES – ROMs, Hacks, & More on Real Hardware :: Tips & Tweaks – MY LIFE IN GAMING

We take a look at all of the major console […]

RGB208 :: Getting the Best Picture from your Game Boy / GBC / GBA Games – MY LIFE IN GAMING

In this episode, we examine and compare every piece of […]

RGB306 :: The NES Classic Edition – MY LIFE IN GAMING

Curious about the NES Classic Edition from Nintendo? How does […]

Limited Run Games :: Mini Documentary – MY LIFE IN GAMING

Limited Run Games, a small publisher in North Carolina is […]


There are so many ways to play NES and Famicom […]

RGB105 :: Framemeister Alternatives (Featuring the OSSC) – MY LIFE IN GAMING

Looking for a video scaler alternative to the Framemeister for […]

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