Resident Evil Action Figures (Toy Biz 1998) – Leftover Culture Show

Toy Biz managed to capture a lot of detail in […]

Panzer Dragoon Saga Demo (Sega Saturn)

For $25, eBay buy-it-now, I picked up the demo for […]

Zombie Revenge (Sega Dreamcast )

Review of Zombie Revenge for the Sega Dreamcast and the […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs TMNT (Gameboy Advance)

So… Seriously, where are all the 32-Bit Teenage Mutant Ninja […]

Sega Saturn Console Review – Leftover Culture Review

Want to see the whole article?¬†http://wp.me/p2xRri-RK The Sega Saturn feels […]

Iron Soldier (Atari Jaguar) – Leftover Culture Review

iPhone friendly upload… 3rd time lucky? Like the music? Check […]

Earthworm Jim Menace 2 the Galaxy (Nintendo Game Boy Color) – Leftover Culture Review

This is officially the last original Earthworm Jim game and […]

Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 (Sega Dreamcast) – Leftover Culture Review

Want more Sonic stuff? Check out the official blog post;http://www.leftoverculturereview.com/… […]

Sega Genesis 32x Console Review

Out of the attachments released for the Sega Genesis (Mega […]

Sega CD (Mega CD) Console Review – Leftover Culture Review

Want to see what I thought of the Sega Genesis […]

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