Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 123 – Thorin’s Discoball

The Hobbit Review, Playing Resident Evil 6 for fun, X-Mas […]

The Video Game Years – 1980 Pt 3 – Missile Command, Tempest, Rogue, Broderbund

Broderbund, Missile Command, Rogue, Tempest, oh my.

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 121 – Movie Kombat

Bad-ass Movie Characters Fight Mortal-Kombat Style, Dragons Dogma: The Problem […]

Retroware Memories – Getting Dragon Warrior

Retroware Memories is a short series that showcases the personal […]

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 119 – Murika! Friday

Black Friday Madness, Video Game Deals, Robot Combat League Right […]

Retroware Interview With Creator of Pier Solar

John D will be interviewing Tulio Adriano, president of Watermelon Games, about PierSolar and the Kickstarter for the HD reboot. Have Questions?

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 118 – Death Turkey

Thanksgiving. ¬†Death. ¬†True Story. Right Click to Download Episode  

The Video Game Years – 1980 Pt 2 – Centipede, Battlezone, Sierra, Berzerk, Pinball Games

Oh 1980 – you so crazy. I think I want to have your baby. Wait, I was born in 1980… 1980.. is my father? NOOOOO!!

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 117 – Predator Babies

Disney / Star Wars / Marvel Mashups, Muppet Babies on […]

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 116 – Star Wars Episode VII

Our predictions for Disney’s new Star Wars Trilogy, what actors […]

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