SCAN THIS! – 05 – Monster Farm/Rancher

JewWario brings us to the 5th game in the series… […]

the Pipeline – RetroDuo Portable 2.0 Review

JewWario gives a review of the RetroDuo Portable 2.0 and some peripherals by Retro-Bit

SCAN THIS! – 04 – Codemon

JewWario shows you a scanning Android phone game that you […]

SCAN THIS! – 03 – Barcode Battler II

And now, the grandaddy of them all… the Barcode Battler […]

SCAN THIS! – 02 – Super Barcode Wars

This week we talk about an alternate barcode scanning game […]

SCAN THIS! – 01 – Skannerz Racerz

Introducing a new show from JewWario about scanning games! Curious […]

The Pipeline – TGS 2013

JewWario’s favorite announcements from the Tokyo Game Show

The Pipeline – Vita TV

This week we have news of a handheld going console!

The Pipeline – Nintendo 2DS Announcement

JewWario talks about the recent Nintendo announcement.

The Pipeline – J Legend Biography

Upcoming J Legend Biography

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