The Game Chasers – Ep 30 – Take The Express Train To Slipville

Billy and Jay travel to Kenny’s for the first time […]

The Video Game Years – 1981 Pt 4 – Ms Pac Man, Ultima Wizardry, Turbo, Yars Revenge & More

1981 is over! Reagan is still president! 82’s gonna be crazy (like cwazy).

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 154 – Kick Ass 2 Review

Non-Spoiler Review of Kick Ass 2! Right Click Image To […]

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 153 – Monstro: The Movie

Malificent Prequel, We’re the Millers Review, Talking Animal Sidekicks Right […]

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 152 – Flashpoint Paradox Review

Full Review of DC Animated’s new gory hilarious Flash movie! […]

Jumpmen Podcast – Ep 151 – Expendables vs. Predator

Thunderdumps + Contest Winners! Right Click Image To Download

The Video Game Years – 1981 Pt 3 – Donkey Kong, Atari Intellivision Console War, Kaboom, Venture, Qix, MORE

Whoa, did the editing just get a lot better?

Killer Instinct – The Humans Are Coming

The band is back!  And they’re taking on Killer Instinct […]

Retroware Update – August 2013

John D gives a video update for August on happenings at Retroware

The Video Game Years – Volume 1 DVD Pre-Order

Oh yes – It’s almost ready! Pre-Order your copy today! […]

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