Strictly Arcade Ep3 – Capcom CPS Hardware

Ito discusses Capcom’s contribution to the arcades with their CPS […]

Retroware TV The Podcast – Ep 10 – The Sony Playstation – U R Not E

In this episode hosts Ito (RWTV Show), Eric (Let’s Get), […]

Retroware TV The Podcast – Ep9- Nintendo Power Remembered

Ito, Eric, and John, discuss the last issue of Nintendo […]

Ito’s Top 5 Video Game Related Items For 2012 Xmas Special

Join Ito as he discusses HIS, that’s right HIS favorite […]

Retroware Memories – Mortal Monday

Ito discusses the drama that was Mortal Monday aka the […]

Strictly Arcade Ep2- Jamma Introduction

Ito discusses what exactly Jamma is and shows how an […]

Retroware TV The Podcast – Ep 8 – Pier Solar & Watermelon Games

John D interviews the head of Watermelon Games, Tulio Gonçalves. […]

Retroware TV The Podcast – Episode 7 – Dreamcast, Was It Really Thinking?

Ito (RWTV), Eric (Let’s Get), and Derek (HVGN) discuss everything […]

Battleclash and Metal Combat LightGun Series Review

Ito takes a look at the SNES Superscope classics Battleclash […]

Strictly Arcade Ep1- WWF Superstars

Join Ito in his new show Strictly Arcade as he […]

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