RARE NES GAMES TRADE DEAL! (featuring Pat the NES Punk) – iRetroGamer

This past weekend at Retropalooza Houston – the most amazing […]

Growing up with The Disney Afternoon – My Retro Life – iRetroGamer

Long before I was a gamer, I was a Mouseketeer. […]

Buster Douglas KO Boxing (Heavyweight Champ) for Sega Master System – iRetroGamer

Tyler takes a look at one of the rarest US […]

My Atari Jaguar Collection in 1994 – My Retro Life – iRetroGamer

Many have claimed the Jaguar was a terrible console for […]


From the makers of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde comes […]

Invisible Mikey (2003) – Tyler’s Student Films – iRetroGamer

This is a short film a made in 2003 starring […]

GUARDIAN HEROES for Sega Saturn – iRetroGamer

George and Tyler resurrect Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn […]

SWITCH OR SNES? Nintendo Switch Midnight Launch Surprise! – iRetroGamer

At the midnight release party for Nintendo Switch, we asked […]

MANIAC MANSION for NES (featuring BeatEmUps) – iRetroGamer

  Many of children in the 80’s / 90’s owned […]

Super Nintendo Birthday Surprise at McDonald’s 1992 – My Retro Life – iRetroGamer

If you were a 90’s kid, chances are you had […]

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