Shenmue II Review for the Dreamcast and Xbox

4 more GD-ROMs or 1 DVD of gaming bliss. The […]

Shenmue Review for the Sega Dreamcast

4 GD-ROMs of pure awesomeness!   AM2 frontman Yu Suzuki […]

Game Sack – Data East

Data East was a really interesting company back when they […]

Game Sack – Giving Games a Second Chance

Sometimes you just don’t like a certain game. Well after […]

Game Sack – The Sega CD

Episode 120 – The Sega CD wasn’t just all about […]

Game Sack – Sequels That Changed the Game

Episode 119 – Sometimes sequels change quite a bit compared […]

Game Sack – Mech Games

Episode 118 – Mechs and videogames seem like they were […]

Pier Solar Review for Sega Genesis and HD systems

With the release of Pier Solar HD on several modern […]

Game Sack – Same Name, Different Game 2

More games that have the same name but are actually […]

R-Type Complete CD Review for the PC Engine Duo

What the hell is an “HE System”? I know I […]

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