Top 5 JRPGs on the PSP

I had so much fun putting together my Top 5 […]

Xbox One Launch Event Recap

Today I’m doing a recap of a Xbox One Launch […]

Horror Game Spotlight: The Path (PC/Mac, 2009)

This is my last horror game spotlight of October, a […]

Horror Game Spotlight: Sweet Home (Famicom, 1989)

Today’s Horror Game Spotlight goes to Sweet Home, a wicked […]

A Look at The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

In this very special episode of mind-bit I give you […]

Top 5 JRPGs on the PS3

This is a video response to ShintaiReview’s Top 5 PS3 […]

Retro Renegade: The Guardian Legend Review (NES, 1989)

This week on Retro Renegade, I’m reviewing a very special […]

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