Happy Video Game Nerd – Earthbound (Re-Edit)

Say “Fuzzy Pickles”! The Happy Nerd revisits, reedits and expands […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Gargoyle’s Quest Trilogy

Better late than never! The Happy Nerd, with a special […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Resident Evil Survivor

The worst-reviewed Resident Evil game ever! Join Derek and special […]

Is It Really That Bad? – The Sum of All Fears

The Happy Nerd once again sets out to find out […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Charlie’s Angels

If there is a measure that separates a very good […]

Nerd/Game Videos, Happy! Episode 7

Derek and Calvin are back, as always watching their favorite […]

HVGN ( Derek ) @ Magfest 9

HVGN ( Derek ) @ Magfest 8

HVGN ( Derek ) @ Magfest 7

Gettin Super Nerdy! – Final Fantasy 7 Demo

In the year 2011, there’s not much left to say […]

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