Game Quickie: House of the Dead (Saturn)

The Happy Nerd looks at one of the rarest and […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Elemental Gearbolt

The Happy Nerd is back with more Light Guns madness! […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Point Blank Trilogy (PS1)

RWtv’s Light Gun Games Event keeps on rolling! This time […]

HVGN Game Quickie: Doom Custom Playstation Edition

Not the definitive Doom experience, but a unique version fans […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Quest 64

Derek and friend Seth Boyer take a look at the […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Parasite Eve Trilogy

The Happy Nerd takes on the Parasite Eve Trilogy. Not […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Eternal Darkness

Last Halloween, Derek said he had a score to settle, […]

Gettin’ Super Nerdy – Resident Evil 4 Preview Disk

After many requests, Derek walks through the Resident Evil 4 […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Hexen 64

Derek and special guest Eric Lappe aka LET’S GET!! take […]

Game Quickie: 1080 Snowboarding

In a time before SSX and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, […]

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