Hey, Man, Is That Freedom Rock?

Freedom Rock was one of those commercials that you couldn’t […]

PAC-MAN Jakks Pacific Plug and Play | Instantly Dated | Episode 26

It’s one of the most amazing plug and play systems […]

What the Heck is Teletext for Your TV?

Have you ever heard of Teletext? It’s this amazing system […]

Space Drive-In | Instantly Dated | Episode 24

In this episode, McQ gets word from the United Nations […]

Magnetic Video Corporation logo

The First Company to Sell Movies on VHS

Find out how Magnetic Video Corporation became the first company […]

What Happened to Betamax?

Sony called Betamax “the ultimate conquest of time.” So what’s […]

The Great Pan and Scan VHS Controversy

Remember pan and scan VHS tapes and how controversial they […]

Vestron Video is Back!

Even though I hadn’t heard it in decades, a few […]

Secrets of the Captain Power TV Show, Toys and Video Game

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the future was a […]

Brian Brushwood on Instantly Dated

Brian Brushwood’s Broadcasting Journey: Part 1

Brian Brushwood explains how he got into broadcasting and the […]

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