Breakdown – The Tortured Heroes of Final Fantasy Pt. 1

Oftentimes in video game RPGs, we have very similar characters […]

10 Affordable SNES Hidden Gems

Why do hidden gems lists? Because they’re fun dammit! Don’t […]

Is Mega Man X3 as good as X1 and X2? | Mega Man X3 Review | The Braselspective

My triumphant return to big ass videos! This is the […]

Breakdown – Mega Man X3’s Soundtrack Doesn’t Come Close

  Mega Man music is excellent. Like excellent on a […]

Breakdown – Best Stories on the NES

Stories in video games were still a ways off of […]

Breakdown – Metal Gear Solid 2 – When Stories Don’t Work in Games

My column here at Retroware focuses on stories in video […]

Competition Cartridges | The Braselspective | Nintendo World Championships and others!

This video was originally supposed to be a short and […]

Breakdown – Finding Mythology and Legend in Final Fantasy Pt 3

One of the most fun parts of Final Fantasy for […]

How Does StarTropics Build off of Zelda? | StarTropics vs Zelda | The Braselspective

This video gave me a lot of problems from the […]

Breakdown – Finding the Mythology and Legend in Final Fantasy Pt 2

Final Fantasy has long been a series steeped in lore […]

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