Hello Everyone, this is John D. As you’re likely aware, the last week or so has been one hell of a rebuilding effort to recover from a devastating outage and failure that happened with our website’s host. We were able to rebuild the site’s functionality, its look, and repopulate all of the posts that were backed up in case of an emergency (like the emergency we actually had). Granted, what happened was far more complicated than expected. Thankfully we have built new contingency plans to prevent anything like this from happening again – live and learn. The guys working behind the scenes have dedicated unspeakable hours getting this going again. You should have seen the length of our email chains, Skype calls, and the hundreds of text messages. Holy God this past week was hell.

But seriously, thank you guys – you are the best and most dedicated users and fans out there. Thanks for sticking by us, supporting us, and still visiting the site while it looked worse than an RCA Studio II game. But with all that we have accomplished and what we restored, we still unfortunately had a few things we just couldn’t get back.

Due to the loss of of passwords and emails associated with just about all the RW users, we had to wipe out all of the user level accounts. We’re sorry, but it couldn’t be helped. We kept trying to find ways around this and hoped that our host could recover some of the data, but it was to no avail. With the loss of these accounts, this means that any profile data as well as our forums have been wiped clean from the system. We’re not happy about this, but it was the only choice. But it’s not the end. We will rebuild!! TRIUMPH!

Everyone who wishes to submit user content or take part in the profile pages or forums will have to go in and create a new user account again (you can register using the same name as before). Thanks in advance for doing this. The good news is that if you are a regular user who submits video/article posts, all of your posts still exist in the system, they just have lost the images associated and are no longer linked to your account. On a case-by-case basis, once you log back in, you can contact us at and request that we link your posts to your new user account. All we request is that you locate all your post URLs ahead of time and paste them in a single email to us (this will make the process a lot quicker and easier). We’re going to get a lot of emails so it would be best if we could receive just one email per person. We will do our best to link these back in a timely manner so you can have your material back and linked to your new profile. Again, we are sorry for this inconvenience.

The good news is that we are back in business! The site recovery caused us to lose a lot of our post images so you may see a few blank thumbnails that we will be updating over the coming days and weeks. Man, we have a lot of stuff on here. But again, thanks everyone. You have been great through this and we appreciate it. Keep in mind that contingencies are now in place to make sure a data loss this large this will not happen again.